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Preferred Investment Sectors

DHA’s Geographical Divisions provide a diverse array of investment options for investors worldwide, spanning across major metropolitan areas in Pakistan. These opportunities are structured in investor-friendly models with flexible terms, catering to the needs of both investors and developers.

With opportunities ranging from modest investments starting at $10,000 to multibillion-dollar ventures, DHA offers a broad spectrum of investment opportunities across various sectors for both investors and developers in investor friendly structures and flexible models.

Preferred Investment Sectors of DHA

Commercial Real Estate Residential High Rises Residential Real Estate Land Development Utilities IT Parks & STZs
Healthcare Hotels & Resorts Entertainment Facilities Sports Facilities SEZs & Industrial Parks Education

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate presents a range of investment opportunities, including malls, office buildings, and mixed-use projects, in prime locations across major cities in Pakistan. With ideally situated properties within city centers and a generous Floor to Area Ratio (F.A.R) of up to 1:15, investors have the potential to maximize returns.

DHA offers flexible joint venture structures, including developmental and rental Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), joint ventures through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), inventory sharing, and hybrid transaction structures, catering to diverse investment preferences and goals.

Residential High Rises

DHA provides attractive land parcels in major cities, strategically located within city centers for Residential buildings development. With a generous Floor to Area Ratio (F.A.R) of up to 1:15 and various parcel sizes available, investors can capitalize on the potential for high returns.

DHA provides flexible joint venture structures, such as developmental Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), joint ventures through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), inventory sharing, and hybrid transaction structures, ensuring tailored solutions to meet diverse investment needs and preferences

Residential Real Estate (Gated Communities)

Themed and gated communities stand out as the preferred choice for retail real estate. DHA presents extraordinary opportunities for developing large-scale residential villas and homes on expansive land parcels. Our focus on themed and gated communities underscores the significance of creating environments that combine luxury living with security and community spirit where residents enjoy an exclusive lifestyle with premium value and investment potential.

Spanning up to 1,000 acres, DHA’s land parcels provide ample space for ambitious residential projects. Incorporating commercial and amenity components within these communities further enhances their appeal. By integrating retail and leisure facilities, residents benefit from convenient access to essential services and recreational activities, elevating their overall living experience.

Land Development

Land development presents an ideal opportunity for large-scale developers and investors seeking to capitalize on the most powerful brand in Pakistan’s real estate market. With the highest value of land collateral, easy salability, and mobilization of customer advances, this venture promises a very high rate of return.

DHA offers up to 1,000 acres of land parcels in selected locations, providing ample space for ambitious projects. The advantage of incorporating both commercial and residential components ensures a diversified portfolio and maximizes revenue potential. Moreover, the flexibility of master planning, theme, and niche allows for tailored solutions that resonate with target demographics, enhancing market appeal and profitability.

DHA allows multiple JV structures, including developmental REITs, JVs through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), inventory sharing, and hybrid transaction structures, provide investors with unparalleled flexibility and opportunity.

IT Parks & Technology Zones

IT Parks and Technology Zones hold immense potential in Pakistan due to its booming IT exports, English-speaking population, and outsourcing opportunities. IT Parks and Technology Zones are ideal hubs for software development, business process outsourcing, and remote work opportunities, catering to the needs of the growing IT industry in Pakistan.

IT Parks can be developed as Special Technology Zones under the Special Technology Zones Authority Act, 2021 and Special Technology Zones Authority Rules, 2021. Under this regulatory framework, favorable tax treatment and incentives are provided to promote IT businesses in Pakistan. Requirements include a minimum of 5 acres of land or 250,000 Sq Ft of building space, as per Special Technology Zone Regulations.

DHA offers suitable land parcels for IT Parks development in major cities with large populations. These locations benefit from the security and amenities of DHA as well as proximity to the populated areas, making them attractive to both businesses and employees.


With Pakistan’s growing population and diverse demographics, the demand for healthcare services is on the rise, presenting a significant opportunity for hospital developments. DHA offers large land parcels with flexible allowed area and land use, ensuring ideal locations for development and operation of healthcare facilities. These parcels are situated in high-income neighborhoods, where the demand for quality healthcare services is particularly high.

DHA facilitates healthcare developments through flexible joint venture structures, including developmental or rental Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), joint ventures through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), BOT/BOO arrangements, revenue sharing, rental arrangements or hybrid transaction structures. Finalized JV model takes into account the project specifics and financial feasibility of the developer/investor.


With Pakistan’s favorable demographics and booming education business, there is a growing demand for educational facilities like universities, colleges and schools in urban centers. DHA offers large land parcels specifically designated for educational use, providing ideal locations to meet this demand.DHA facilitates educational developments through flexible joint venture structures, including joint ventures through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), BOT/BOO arrangements, revenue sharing as well as hybrid transaction structures, providing investors and developers with the flexibility needed to tailor partnerships to their specific needs and goals.

Hotels & Resorts

The market for high-end hotels and resorts in Pakistan presents a significant opportunity. Factors such as increasing tourism, business travel, and improving occupancy levels contribute to the attractiveness of this sector. Located in prime urban centres across Pakistan, DHA offers the best locations for hotel and resort developments at favourable valuations. Hotels and resort locations are available with DHA, which benefit from the security and prestige of DHA neighbourhood, appealing to high-end clientele and ensuring high occupancy rates.

Entertainment Facilities

With Pakistan’s youthful population, favorable demographics and median age of 20.6 years, the entertainment sector holds immense investment potential. From cinemas and auditoriums to theme parks and adventure venues, there is a growing demand for diverse entertainment options. DHA offers large dedicated land parcels across Pakistan, providing ideal spaces for entertainment developments. The security of DHA ensures a safe and welcoming environment for visitors.

Sports Facilities

Sports arenas play a crucial role in creating vibrant communities and enhancing residents’ well-being. DHA offers dedicated land parcels at favorable valuations, providing ideal spaces for the development of sports arenas and stadiums. Located within high-end neighborhoods and benefiting from DHA’s robust security measures, these parcels ensure a safe and prestigious environment for sports enthusiasts.

To develop sports facilities projects, DHA provides flexible joint venture structures, including partnerships via Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) or Build-Own-Operate (BOO) arrangements, revenue sharing models, rental or fixed terms and hybrid transaction structures.

Utilities Provision

DHA has more than 2 million residents living in its premises across Pakistan. Utilities provision in high-end demographics of DHA, presents a significant opportunity. With substantial buying power and a demand for premium services, essential utilities like garbage disposal, power, tap water, LPG, ICT services, and drinking water are crucial. Residents are willing to pay a premium for high-quality services and products, creating a lucrative market.

Special Economic Zones & Industrial Parks

DHA is delving into the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and Industrial Parks, starting with the DHA Special Economic Zone in Karachi, the heart of Pakistan’s industrial activity. Development of SEZs are governed by Special Economic Zone Act 2012 which provide the roadmap, responsibilities, and incentives for SEZ development across the country.

The aim of SEZs is to boost industrialization and overall economic progress. Businesses within SEZs enjoy benefits like tax breaks, simplified customs procedures, and easier regulations. By establishing SEZs and Industrial Parks, DHA is aiming to spur economic growth, attract investments, and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, ultimately contributing to the country’s prosperity.

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