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Defence Housing Authority Pakistan

Established in 1968 with humble beginnings in Karachi, Pakistan’s most populous city, Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has grown into the premier land development and real estate organization in the country. Established under a Presidential Order and endowed with legislative autonomy, Defence Housing Authority (DHA) enjoys an unparalleled level of operational flexibility unmatched by any other development organization in Pakistan.

Created with the vision to serve the housing needs of serving and retired members of the Defence Services of Pakistan, DHA Pakistan operates in eight metropolitan cities across the country, showcasing a comprehensive nationwide presence and operations. Over the years, DHA’s scope has evolved from being solely a land developer to encompassing a 360-degree lifestyle organization, offering a diverse range of residential, commercial, and lifestyle amenities to its residents and clients.

DHA: Exemplary Real Estate Development in Pakistan

DHA has emerged as the preeminent real estate brand in the country, synonymous with investment security, peace of mind, and unparalleled quality. This longstanding commitment to excellence has solidified DHA’s position as a beacon of trust and reliability in the Pakistani real estate sector. With a vast land portfolio spanning approximately 116,693 acres, including 50,026 acres of developed land, and boasting a resident population exceeding 2 million, DHA stands as a formidable presence in Pakistan. Supported by a dedicated workforce of 22,755 employees and engaged in 89 local and international joint ventures, DHA has cemented its position as the most influential and successful development organization in the country.

Description Value
Area Under Development 116,693 Acres
Total Area Developed (Till Date) 50,216 Acres
Total Residential Units 394,343
Total Commercial Units 79,592

DHA operates Pan Pakistan with its 10 geographical divisions strategically spread across major urban centers of Pakistan

City Population Regional Division Area Under Development
Karachi 16 Million DHA Karachi 8,893 Acres
DHA City 21,440 Acres
Lahore 11.2 Million DHA Lahore 29,410 Acres
Islamabad 3.2 million DHA Islamabad 11,957 Acres
Multan 1.9 Million DHA Multan 10,000 Acres
Gujranwala 2.2 Million DHA Gujranwala 7,274 Acres
Bahawalpur 1 Million DHA Bahawalpur 7,493 Acres
Quetta 1.3 Million DHA Quetta 17,946 Acres
Peshawar 2 Million DHA Peshawar 2,280 Acres

Competitive Advantages

As Pakistan’s premier real estate development organization, DHA provides unparalleled competitive advantages to its investors, residents, joint venture partners, and other stakeholders

Prime Real Estate Holdings Across Pakistan

DHA owns valuable real estate in prime locations across major cities in Pakistan, reinforcing its position as a top player in the real estate industry. These land holdings offer great potential for profitable real estate ventures, boasting scenic surroundings and convenient access to city centers, making them highly desirable locations for development projects.

Investment Security & Credibility

The DHA brand name is synonymous with credibility and investment security, making DHA properties the gold standard for secure real estate investments in Pakistan. This widespread trust among residents, investors, and stakeholders has led to DHA properties commanding the highest premiums in Pakistan’s real estate market. Such unwavering confidence underscores DHA’s unrivaled reputation for stability and value retention in the industry.

DHA Properties: Top Choice for Financing Institutions

Ease of Doing Business & Facilitation for Investors & Developers

DHA offers streamlined One Window Facilitation for esteemed investors and developers seeking to collaborate as Joint Venture Partners. With its expansive scope of operations and geographical presence, DHA presents a diverse array of options tailored to accommodate investors of all types. Additionally, DHA provides flexible investment models, ensuring that partners have the freedom to choose structures that best align with their objectives and preferences. This commitment to adaptability and facilitation underscores DHA’s dedication to fostering successful partnerships and maximizing investment opportunities.

Historical Returns of DHA Pakistan

DHA properties have consistently delivered exceptional returns since their inception. Real estate developed by DHA is widely esteemed as among the most lucrative and secure investments, serving as enduring assets over the long term. Across the decades, regional divisions of DHA have consistently provided investors and holders with triple-digit capital gains, further solidifying its reputation as a premier choice in the real estate market.

DHA360 is a modern real estate solution offering effortless access to investment opportunities and authenticated property transactions.

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